Hello 4th/5th grade parents!

Here is a short introduction about the 4/5 multiage team:


My name is Michelle Lalinde, I am a Colombian teacher. I graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as a Bachelor in Arts in Modern Languages. I have experience as an English teacher in Colombia in an IB  school in fourth grade. I have been teaching for a couple of years now (mostly private lessons) and I value individual education, which I hope I get to share my time with your kids.

Some things you might want to  know about me is that I am somewhat artistic, I like painting (watercolors mostly), singing and playing ukulele and flute. I come from a teaching family, both my parents have worked in education, as well as my siblings. I believe education is one of the fundamental tools for any society’s development and with it, it’s possible for anyone to achieve any goal.


Many of you know me since I was a long term substitute teacher during the 2011-2012 school year but for those of you who don’t know me, here are a few interesting facts!

I grew up in Montana (in Libby and then in Missoula) and love hiking, camping, traveling and learning languages. I studied International Studies and Romance Languages at the University of Oregon as an undergrad and continued to pursue my Masters in Education soon after. As a recent graduate looking for a new experience, I moved to Mexico in 2008 and started teaching in a private bilingual school. I lived in Mexico for almost 5 years and have taught in a variety of settings and educational levels. My most recent position was as a language coordinator for an IB school in Irapuato, Guanajuato. My husband, Miguel and I moved back to Missoula in August after celebrating our marriage in July.


This is my sixth year at MIS and my third year as the 4th/5th grade English teacher.  In my six years, I have taught a range of grade levels, including many of  this years’ 4th graders when they were pre-schoolers!  Due to our love of hiking and the outdoors, my husband, Jason and I moved to Montana in 2006.   I developed a love of traveling and the outdoors from a young age, through trips to visit my family in Puerto Rico and summer visits to Maine. After college, my husband, Jason, and I taught English in China for a year, enjoying delicious food and the incredible friendship and hospitality of Chinese people.  We were able to return to China for a quick visit this past summer.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year at MIS!