Hello Parents

We had a very interesting week. We continued working on our Unit of Inquiry about ancient precolonial civilizations. We started to talk about the Aztec civilization, their governments, their religion, their art and language. The kids have to become ‘experts’ in this topic and present it to their peers. We have started working on a journal of what they have learned about these civilizations.

In Spanish, we continued in our exploration of Legends and Myths of Aztecs and Mayans. Their are identifying new aspects of these stories and getting ideas for their own myth or legend. Some great ideas have turned up, for example about why does it rain, or does the moon change with every month, and many other ideas.

In English, students worked individually or in a small group to write a short story using some Aztec hieroglyphs.  These stories are nearly completed.  Look for them in hallway early next week!  Next week students begin working on writing their own historical fiction story set in either the Inca, Aztec, or Mayan civilizations.

In math, fourth graders worked on the World Tour in EM,they learned how to measure distances on a map, as well as they reviewed concepts of number stories. Fifth graders worked on triangles, polygon properties and tessellations.

Mark your calendars since there is no school on Monday, November 11th. Parent teacher conferences are the week on November 12th-15th. Please confirm that the time sent out in an email works for your schedule. Times will also be posted outside the classroom next week.