This week in PYP students continued their exploration of the Aztec civilization by inquiring and creating posters based on the information they gleaned from the text. Students presented their information to the rest of the class who took notes. Students watched a video about the Aztecs and became experts on different pre-Colombian traditions. Next week students will start to explore the Incan civilization.

In Spanish, students continued to read myths and legends, but this time they focused on Aztec traditions. They are also working on writing what they learned about this culture.

In English, students began a historical fiction writing project.  Over the next few weeks, students will be planning, writing, editing, and publishing a historical fiction picture book that is set in either the Aztec, Maya, or Inca times.  The kids have some great ideas!  This should be a fun project!

In math, students finished unit 3 and practiced their understanding of key concepts presented throughout the unit. They took a math test on Friday and demonstrated their knowledge.

Remember that there is no school on Monday and that parent teacher conferences are next week. Please check the schedule outside the classroom if you are unsure of your time. We look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you!