Dear Parents

We had a great week. On Tuesday we had our MCT auditions and all the kids had a great part to play. It’s great to see the kids invested in theater!

In Spanish we continued working on our own myths and legends. We are polishing out written work, making sure they are clear and neat. Most of them need small corrections, but in general all the kids did a great job and they have proved that they are very creative.

We started to work on the Incas this week. We are learning about their religion, they social organization, their architecture, among other things. The kids are making very interesting connections between the Inca, Mayan and Aztec cultures. They show that they are very good inquires and explorers.

In English, we continued working on our historical fiction books.  Last week, students created story maps and began rough drafts.  This week, students continued writing their rough drafts, the goal being that the drafts are finished today.  Students who have not finished the rough drafts by Friday will be bringing them home to work on over the weekend.  Parent, Dari Quirk, will be assisting on Monday to help guide students through the editing process.  We will begin final drafts next week.

We started our new Math Unit!

Fourth graders began to explore decimal place value, as fifth graders are excited learning new algorithms for division.

We have had great attendance for this week’s Parent Teacher Conferences. We are grateful for this opportunity to talk about the student’s work and acknowledge their successes and their great attributes.