We had another busy week in the 4th/5th grade classroom at MIS!

Students continued to explore Inca civilization by reading myths from this society and acting out information about their religion, political system, culture and history. Students were very creative as they wrote and enacted the concepts they learned.

Students also started to work on their final projects for this unit of inquiry. They will create their own civilizations based on what they’ve learned about different political, religious and cultural aspects and participate in a simulation between two cultures coming together for the first time.

In English, students continued to work hard on their historical fiction books, taking place in an Inca, Aztec, or Mayan civilizations.  The books are getting close to completion!  We are aiming to have the books finished by next Tuesday.  Some students may be taking the books home to work on illustrations over the long weekend.

In math, 4th grade students explored decimals while 5th grade students deepened their understanding of division by learning new and challenging algorithms.

We would like to thank all of the great volunteers we’ve had in our classrooms over the last few weeks, especially Emilie O’Donnell, Kristen Von Doersten, Erick Gibson-Snyder, Christi Beltramo and Tony Beltramo, and Dari Quirk. Your assistance is valuable and appreciated!

Next week is a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. On Monday and Tuesday we will finish up this unit and we’ll start the unit on “Where We Are in Place and Time” in December.

The central idea and lines of inquiry for this unit are:

The earth’s cultures, societies and economies are shaped by its landscapes and environments.

An inquiry into:

  • How the five themes of geography help us understand our world
  • How physical geography affects different populations
  • How maps help us view the world

If you have any resources or suggestions for this unit, please feel free to let us know!

5th grade parents, be sure to read the email that was sent out about Exhibition and mark your calendars for the meeting on Wednesday, December 4th at 3:45 in Michelle’s classroom.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday next week and note that there is no school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. (We won’t have spelling lists next week due to this fact!)