Hello Parents

We had a very interesting week, with many events and new activities.

In Spanish, fourth graders are working on creative writing. They are writing their outlines and first drafts, creating complex stories and exploring their imagination. Fifth graders, on the other hand, started their PYP Exhibition and they are incredibly excited about it. The organizing theme (Sharing the Planet) is really engaging for them.

In our Unit of Inquiry, our class started the unit on Geography. The kids are learning about maps, how to read them and the different ways we can locate places in the planet Earth. Along with Laura Bovard in their Library classes, the kids will have a lot of time to research about continents, countries, cities and understand where we are in place and time.

In math, we finished our fourth unit of Everyday Math. The fourth graders reviewed concepts like c0mparing, adding and subtracting decimals. They also learned how to measure up to millimeters, and they understand the relationship between millimeters, centimeters, and meters in the metric system. Fifth graders reviewed the new methods for division and some kids found it very useful! We also worked on new algebraic concepts and variables. We enjoyed working on a game about the electoral votes in the US and using that information to replace variables in number sentences.

In English, students put the finishing touches on their historical fiction stories.  We have been sharing the stories this week and will continue to share the stories next week.  The kids did a great job – it has been fun listening to their creativity!  This week, we also began reading stories from the Junior Great Book series.  Fourth graders are reading Vasilissa the Beautiful and fifth graders are reading Turquoise Horse.  Next week, we will continue doing reading activities associated with these stories.

We are very excited to start the PYP Exhibition process and our students are very proactive about it. They are already have some ideas of what their action plans will be and how they wish to address their problematic.

Next week is MCT week, so mark your calendars for Friday, December 13th. There are performances at 3:00 and 5:30. Please plan to attend!

We won’t have spelling lists or formal homework next week, but please encourage your child to read 20 minutes in both in English and Spanish each night.

If you have any old newspapers lying around, please send them with your student on Monday so we can use them to make a piñata for our holiday party.

Secret Santas: In English class, students drew names for Secret Santas.  On December, 20th on the day of the holiday parties (more info coming soon), students will bring a homemade gift for the classmate whose name they drew.  They should wrap the gift and include a tag with the recipient’s name and three clues about the Secret Santa’s identity.  I encourage students to carry their gifts to school in a paper bag so the wrapping is hidden.  Please let Jessica know if you have any questions regarding the Secret Santas.

We would like to thank parents for the teacher appreciation lunch. It was amazing!