Dear parents

We had a short but eventful week in school.

In math, students are continuing to developing their skills as they continue with Unit 5. 4th graders revised an algorithm for multiplication for bigger numbers. The are also learning place value up to billions! 5th graders continue to work with fractions, percentages and decimals and reviewing ways how to convert from one to the other.

In our Unit of Inquiry, 4th graders finished their inquiry process and they are now creating posters about the information of their chosen countries. They are very good researchers. On the other hand, the also learned how to do maps, and it is amazing how dedicated and careful they are doing this job. Some of the maps look amazing!

The 5th graders continued developing their inquiry through research online and in books. The exhibition is really looking great and the kids are incredibly excited and engaged.

Our Spanish spelling test for list # 13 will be done on Tuesday, January 21st. The words are already in our Spelling List tab, if you want to practice with your child.

Our Spanish spelling list for list # 14 will be on Friday, January 24th.

Please keep in mind that students will be going to the symphony on Friday, January 31st so send those permission slips with your child!