We had another nice short week this week, with many activities packed into just three days!

In math, students are finishing up unit 3 and will be taking their test next week. They have gained valuable skills that they can transfer to other areas of their lives!

In PYP, we’re wrapping up unit 3 with poster presentations on the countries students chose. Students have become more knowledgeable about physical, demographic and economic geography and have enjoyed exploring these topics through a variety of activities.

In Spanish, students finished up their geography packets and will start working with Spanish language reading anthologies soon.

In English, we began making a timeline of geological events to help visualize the idea of “geological time.”  Fifth graders also had some time to work on Exhibition, while I worked with the 4th graders on brainstorming ideas for their upcoming unit, a mini-exhibition, which will help them prepare for participating in Exhibition next year.

Next week, we’ll start unit 4, which is Sharing the Planet. 5th graders will focus solely on the Exhibition, completing their research and compiling their information. 4th graders are choosing their mini-exhibition topics under the following central idea and lines of inquiry:

Conflicts occur when wildlife and humans compete for land and resources.

An inquiry into:

  • How the encroachment of development on wild areas impacts humans and wildlife
  • How our interactions with wildlife are changing
  • How local economy and culture impacts conflicts between humans and wildlife

They will develop the necessary research skills to prepare for next year’s Exhibition and this will be great practice for them to work on their chosen topics.

Students will go to the symphony on Friday, January 31st, so be sure to send permission slips to school as soon as possible.