Dear parents, happy valentine’s day!

Our week was full with interesting activities.

In math, fourth graders learned how to use a circular and a semi circular protractor and they learned how to read coordinates and ordered pairs. The fifth graders, on the other hand, are working on fraction additions, how to read data from maps, and how to create different types of graphs (bar graphs, stem and leaves graphs, etc.)

For our unit of inquiry, fifth graders are doing great with their Exhibition. They have their information ready,and we are working on our action plans very hard. It’s amazing to see them so engaged with their projects. Fourth graders are also doing great with their mini-exhibition. They are almost done with their research and we are finding different possible solutions for the problematic they are inquiring about. They have shown to be incredibly reflective and caring about the sensitive issues they are discussing.

In English this week, 5th graders were busy beginning their backdrops for their Exhibition plays.  We also spent time working on independent writing projects, which we are hoping to begin editing and publishing in a few weeks!  4th graders began books clubs this week.  I will meet with book clubs (small groups) on Thursdays.  Each student is expected to complete the reading (some time will be given in class, but students are also expected to read for homework), come up with one question to discuss with the group, and complete a sort assignment (ex: making a connection, describing the setting, reflecting on the author’s purpose, etc.), and decide together how far they will read for the next meeting.  This week, I also began new read-alouds: Sherry’s class – Artemis Fowl and Michelle’s class – The Clockwork Three.

We also had a special guest this week, Bray Beltrán, a PhD in Ecology, who came and did a presentation about ecology for the kids, in Spanish!  What a great presentation and opportunity for our students, thanks Bray!

In Spanish, our writer’s workshops have been a great success. They kids are really getting into writing with detail and making sure their ideas are being conveyed. Yoko Ichimura, Emma’s mom, came and taught the students how to make paper cranes as a culminating project for the book students read in Spanish, Sadako and a Thousand Cranes. Here are some pictures from this engaging activity:

P1040106 P1040114 P1040116

Remember that there is no school on Monday, February 17th. Happy President’s Day!