Hello parents! We hope you had a relaxing three day weekend and a great week!

This week in math we finished up unit 6. 4th graders continued to explore long division, learned how to read coordinates on maps and charts and practiced their skills for the unit in preparation for their unit test. 5th graders worked on finding common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions and reviewing the unit 6 concepts as well. Michelle’s class took the unit 6 test on Friday and Sherry’s class will take the test on Monday. We’re making great progress as students apply their math skills to new situations!

In Spanish, students read about the rain forest and what we can do to protect it and they continued to participate in writing workshops focused on different traits for strong writing. They are doing a great job of coming up with interesting ideas for their projects!

In English this week, 5th graders worked on drawing and painting their background for their Exhibition plays.  They also received a bit of time for working on their creative writing projects.  4th graders continue to make progress on their creative writing stories.  Next week we will focus on editing our own writing.  4th graders also met in book clubs on Thursday.

In PYP, students are working hard on exhibition and mini-exhibition, finalizing their research and starting their action plans and presentations. Look for more information about the exhibition time in the near future and make sure you’ve marked your calendars for Thursday, March 20th!

Next week is the last week of I Love to Read Month, so encourage your child to read as much as he/she can this weekend!