Dear Parents

We just finished a great week! The students have been incredibly knowledgeable and committed to their work.

In Math, the  whole class started unit 7. 4th graders started to explore fractions of amounts and concepts of probability. 5th graders on the other hand are reviewing exponents and we’re developing new ideas about extended notation and scientific notation.

In Spanish, Michelle’s Class worked on writing poems to Sadako, from the book Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes. You can see them displayed on the pin board outside our classroom. We continued working on our writing workshops and we’re leaning ways to organize our texts and how to organize our ideas.

In our unit of inquiry, 4th graders are almost done with their research and their posters. To present their information, some groups are working on plays, while some others are working on formal presentations. We welcome all their ideas!

The PYP exhibition is doing great! Our group of 5th graders is working hard on their final presentations and they’ve been including all their inquiry and their knowledge to good use, doing campaigns and going to other classes to share their information.

We will confirm the time and location for the Exhibition soon. Remember to mark the calendar for March the 20th.

Have a great weekend!