Dear parents

We are so happy to be back at school. This week our students came back to our regular schedule and our regular activities.

In Math, 4th graders kept on working on unit 7. We kept on reviewing and using blocks to solve fraction addition and subtraction problems. We have learned how to estimate, measure and classify angles. We have also described methods to find equivalent fractions (using a couple of tricks, too), and we have seen the relation between fractions and decimals.

5th graders on the other hand, have continued practicing the comparison of decimals, addition of fractions (with like and unlike denominators), and we’ve started learning all about the order of operations (P.E.M.D.A.R in Spanish).

In Spanish, we have continued with our writing workshops, and the kids have shown to be very creative and have very interesting stories to tell. We have seen different ways to start a text, different ways for ending them, how to organize ideas, etc.

In English, 5th graders spent much of the week preparing for their Exhibition plays.  The finished making backdrops and props and had time to rehearse.  4th graders began editing their creative writing pieces, began a reader’s theater piece, and participated in book clubs.

In our unit of inquiry, both grades have show so much commitment and enthusiasm for their topics. 5th graders are practicing their lines for their exhibition next week (March 20th, from 4:30 to 6:00, make sure you mark your calendar). 4th graders have also shown amazing commitment with their mini-exhibition, showing how caring they are for their planet.

We would like to remind you about the international festival on March 23. Your child has to sign up for a time to attend the booth. It is of vital importance for them to come, as it will be an activity led by the students and it will give your child a chance to show their Spanish-speaking skills to the Missoula Community.