Dear Parents,

This has been a very busy week for our fourth and fifth grade students. In PYP the fifth grade students continue to research their lines of inquiry, conduct interviews and begin to develop the action plan for their exhibition. The fourth grade students are doing their special inquiry project, developing each of their research lines and have begun to prepare their presentation in google slides.

In mathematics both fourth and fifth have been finishing unit number 8.  While the fourth grade students have been working in areas and perimeters.   Fifth graders have concentrated on the resolution of number stories with multiplication of fractions.

In Spanish, they have been practicing reading comprehension through different readings related to the transdisciplinary theme Sharing the Planet.

In English,  students read about keystone species, or species upon which entire ecosystems connect and depend.  They practiced summarizing a non-fiction article on this subject, gleaning only the important details for a synthesized version of what they learned.

This week, students also wrapped up their student led conferences, proudly showing all that they have worked on this year.  As the weather continues to improve, don’t forget the sunscreen and occasional tick checks to keep your students healthy and comfortable.