The first full week of school went off like a charm.  Our homerooms enjoyed team building exercises in Design and showed off their ability to communicate and reflect.  In Math, students describe the properties of polygons as well as delved into factoring.  Students are bringing their homework back completed with regularity.  We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to reinforce this behavior.  It is invaluable in the older grades to know how to manage your homework.

In Spanish, children were working to identify different grammatical categories; verbs, nouns, and adjectives. They began using adjectives to describe a monster. The initial idea is that the monster they describe will be drawn by a child from Peru. We have contacted a school in Peru to be Pen Pals during this year. It will be a fun way to help children improve their skills to use the literary resource of description.
In PYP they have already begun to write their articles about what they have learned in this unit. You can see a lot of enthusiasm and powerful reflections from the children about this unit. We invite you to read these articles once they are finished. They will be posted on the wall of Ibrahin’s room. Ask questions like: What did you enjoy the most? What have you learned? and making comments on their reflections, will help them to keep up the mood to continue writing the following articles.

We had a week full of special visitors.  Thank you to Kim McKelvey for coming to the 4/5 grade to speak with us about rights and responsibilities held by all in our community.  She asked some very intriguing questions that had students thinking about the current unit.  We also enjoyed visitors from the Mansfield Center at the University of Montana.  They were from both Myanmar and the Philippines.