We are nearing the end of our PYP unit on rights and responsibilities.  Our next unit is on How the World Works, a unit in which we’ll focus on energy, how it’s produced, transferred and gathered. Children have shown a lot of commitment to writing their articles. They not only demonstrated their acquired knowledge about the unit but also reflected on the skills they developed during this period and some action taken by interviewing and getting to know their MIS friends. We invite you to check the articles published on the wall of Ibrahin’s room. They also finished their posters where they did their best to show all of MIS what they have learned “Rights and responsibilities are so important to resolve conflicts”.  In Spanish they are writing fiction stories and exercising their reading Spanish both in small groups and individually.

The English spelling list #1 went home on Wednesday 9/25.  Students have a whole week to complete their practice and return it on Wednesday the 2nd of October.

Math consisted of learning partial sums addition, place value and finding a variety of names for numbers.  For instance one can write 24 by using the equation 6*4 or 1+2+22 or even 48/2.  The week of October 2nd-5th, your student will bring home their unit 1 test for you to look over with them, sign and return.  Thank you for sending these tests back so your student can file them in their portfolio.