This week flew by as it was only 4 days!  Please check in your student’s homework folder this week.  We sent home the MIS Technology agreement and their Unit 1 Math.  Please go over them both with your child, sign, and return them to their homeroom teacher.

A quick reminder that Gday is on October 16th.  This celebration of our Grandparents and Grandfriends is a fun filled morning where your students can invite their special guests to experience their school.  Please let the office know who your student would like to invite as their special guest.

Children have started a new unit that has them quite entertained. In the coming weeks we will be investigating how energy is produced and its benefits for society. We begin with a pre-evaluation that you will be able to observe on the wall of  Liz’s room. Each student reflected in a mini poster their previous knowledge about energy. We have introduced the concepts of energy, kinetic and potential energy. Children have begun to write their articles explaining these concepts and have done some experiments in which they have demonstrated their learning about these concepts. They have also begun to plan with their group a hand made roller coaster to explain  kinetic and potential energy. We would greatly appreciate your collaboration with the collection of materials that children need to make this project with recicle materials.

In Spanish, children have continued to exercise different types of readings and write their fiction stories. To exercise their oral skills, the children began to prepare a mini play called: “Las herramientas del carpintero” whose message promotes the acceptance of all team members as they are, with their differences. You can ask your child about the message and what the play is about.