Hello!  It’s been a busy, fun-filled week.  We’re gearing up for G-day on the 16th of October.  Be sure to register your guests with the office.

In Math, students grappled with reading graphs and finding landmarks as well as making magnitude estimates for multiplication and addition problems.

English consisted of learning to take notes on graphic organizers about energy and working on expanding sentences for more complex and interesting writing.  Students are starting list #3 of spelling.  If they forgot their list at school, it is on the Spelling page of the “Educational Program” tab on the blog.

This week we have seen the creativity of our 4/5 students with the construction of Roller Coasters that they will use to explain the concept of kinetic and potential energy. In addition, they have begun writing about the production of electric power here in the United States and its benefits to society. In Spanish they have been practicing reading comprehension through reading articles related to the energy unit and practicing their oral Spanish through the play La casa de la Carpinteria. Spelling test number 4 has been sent and is expected to be returned, signed to keep it in the school portfolio.