Our week was so cold!  Thank you for sending your students with proper winter attire even though it’s still supposed to be fall!


The kids have been busy working on a video in which they are sharing their knowledge about one of the types of energy studied during this unit. They have begun to research their topic and have begun to write a script for their final video. They have also begun to make a model of a city in which they will reflect the different types of energy are used and how they benefit the community.


In Spanish they are doing a lot of reading and they have been working on their fiction stories. They are also doing their writing prompts and taking their Dora test for the upcoming Parents Teacher Conferences. Weekly they create their own puppet shows based on a story they create to practice oral communication in Spanish. They have also been practicing the Spanish play Las herramientas de la carpinteria. This play, in addition to strengthening theirs oral Spanish, is aimed at strengthening the social and emotional learning within the group.


This week, students read the Junior Great Book stories The Elephant’s Child and Lenny’s Red Letter Day.  We explored character motivation and connections we made with the main characters.


Students enjoyed seeing the connections between multiplication and division in fourth grade, pointing out that the two operations are inextricably linked.  5th graders explored protractors and compasses, discovering the links between adjacent and opposite angles in a pair of intersecting lines.

Day of the Dead

Friday the week culminated in a celebration of the cycle of life.  We gathered in familias to speak about connections we made with a book about the life cycle of a leaf.

Have a great weekend!