We enjoyed this lovely week and got a lot of work done too!  Students are in the depths of the second unit on How the world works.


Students enjoyed a few more chapters of our read aloud Hatchet this week.  We’ve had interesting discussions about what they might do if stranded in the Canadian wilderness.  Persuasive writing was the theme of the week.  Students practiced making convincing position statements and backing up their reasons with specific examples.


Fourth graders have been having fun discovering true and false number sentences and experimenting with the placement of parentheses to know what operation to perform first.  Fifth grade delved into the rules of polygon angles like all triangles’ angles add up to 180 degrees and all quadrilaterals’ angles add up to 360 degrees.  These rules among others will be excellent tools in their math toolbelt.


Students explored Little Bits, a circuit making kit to make a variety of multifaceted circuits.  The planning an testing phases of the design process were imperative to the success of their circuits.

PYP and Spanish

We continued with our dioramas about the unit and worked on DORA and the spanish fall writing prompt.