Kids came back well rested and ready to reconnect with their classmates.  It’s been a fun week!

In Math, students focused on fractions in fifth grade and interpreting remainders as fractions and fourth grade explored extending multiplication facts, learning a new game called multiplication wrestling to help them with partial products down the road.

In English, students honed in on their abilities to demonstrate the IB profile words like caring, reflective and principled.  It’s good, now and again, to reflect on who we are and how we demonstrate the important qualities shown in the IB profile words.

In Spanish we were working on writing different stories and exercising group and individual reading. The grammatical aspects we worked on this week were: use of the co-preterite and use of the b in the co-preterite.

In PYP, students are making a board game  game  to apply the concepts learned about business, supply and demand. They have also begun to explore ideas for planning a business model. In order to promote meaningful learning and promote metacongnition in the classroom we have focused on presenting to children different strategies called Visible Thinking Routine that help to make visible  the student learning for both the child and the teacher. The idea is that children get used to using these routines and become so familiar to them that they can use them independently. This week they were using two of these routines: I used to think now I think: To reflect on their knowledge acquired during this unit. Cause and effect: To reflect on the effect of supply and demand on the price of products.

Remember to send your kids with all the appropriate gear for the cold winter days that are coming up.  We rarely stay inside for recess.


  • Parent meeting January 15, from 6:30-8pm in the MIS gym.
  • No school January 17th or January 20th