February is almost here!  We had a great week continuing to work on our current unit on the economy.

Over the past couple of months, our students have had the opportunity to get to know our school counselor, Emily Musco.  They’ve been going to special lunches in small groups with her to learn about and practice team-building and social/emotional skills.  This special time is a nice change from the day to day lunch grind plus students can enjoy getting to know others from the 4/5 grade.


We wrapped up Unit 5 this week with a test at the end of the week.  Students have been doing a nice job turning in their homework.


We’re learning about character traits and summarizing stories in Junior Great Books.  Students are also working on a CD cover book report based upon a novel of their choice.  I notice a lot of great reading habits from this group.  Keep up the good work!


We were working on reading comprehension strategies: anticipation, inference, paraphrase and conclusion. Kids applied these strategies to reading about the current unit.

In PYP we were learning how to do surveys and interviews, it favors the success of a business. To do this, we analyzed the example of an exhibition that the fifth grade students did in previous years. Children continue to make their business plan and use the acquired concepts to create their own board game.