We had another great week!  Our final day of skiing was Friday and we were very lucky this year to have great snow all month!  This week  we learned about Mardi Gras traditions in New Orleans and how multiple groups of people represent their culture through parades and floats on Fat Tuesday.  Thanks to Dawn Dalili for coming in to teach us a little bit about Mardi Gras and how it is celebrated in New Orleans and for bringing a king cake!

English:  Students enjoyed getting started on the typing program Typing.com to get faster at typing.  They are also finishing their How-to essays and CD cover book reports on a book of their choice.

Math:  In Math, students are chugging along with unit 6.  They explored coordinate graphing and reading a variety of diagrams, interpreting data and landmarks.

In PYP We have started a new  unit about past  civilizations.  This week they began to learn about the Mayan and Aztec Mesoamerican indigenous civilizations and have begun to create their own alphabet.

In Spanish, in addition to exercising reading and writing, students  also explored different graphic organizers to summarize their learning and make them visible.