Hello intrepid parents and students!  This has been quite the week getting our online/remote learning plans up and running.  Thank you for asking clarifying questions and for your patience during this new phase in all of our lives.

Your students are progressing nicely and everyone has connected with their teachers on Google Classroom.  Our in person video chats have been fun and we will keep you apprised of the times we’re meeting via the Google Classroom platform.  Next week, we may add some small group lessons in Math and Spanish to help students.

In Ibrahin’s classes, last week’s intention of offering a menu of options was to recreate the regular classroom as much as possible. This approach at home is causing some difficulties. We are working hard to refine our approach in the online platform. 

For this reason, next week the expectations for PYP and Spanish will be structured as follows:

  •  A daily assignment for Spanish to complete at the time established in the schedule.
  • A daily assignment for PYP to complete at the time established in the schedule.
  •  A daily topic will be assigned for the student to record and send a video in Spanish through the Flipgrid platform.

 Some of these individual assignments will have options included. The student should pick one per day. 

We have in the classroom a universe of rhythms and ways of learning. So having to complete these daily assignments is intended to help the child organize at home and achieve higher levels of productivity independently. 

If, despite the effort, the child does not complete the task do not worry at this time. 

Our greatest desire is to support children and parents in this difficult process of migration to a digital platform and we understand that each learning rhythm and current circumstances are different.

Click on this link for a tutorial on how to turn items in in Google Classroom.