Thanks for all of your support and insightful questions and feedback during our roll out of remote learning.  This week, students were assigned small groups with whom they will meet for Math, Spanish and PYP through the 3CX video conferencing with Liz and Ibrahin.  These schedules are posted in both Ibrahin and Liz’s google classroom pages under “remote schedules for 4/5”.  Your student is assigned to a group that has a corresponding schedule that they may follow for the week.  Note that your student has multiple 3CX meetings throughout the week with Liz and Ibrahin in order to check for understanding and practice their Spanish speaking skills.  If your student misses an online meeting, they will be recorded and can be shared with your student so they don’t miss out.  You and your student can also visit Ibrahin or Liz during their open office hours.  (Liz: 12:30-1:30 M and F, T, W, R 1:00-2:00)

Your students are doing a good job of interfacing with Google classroom and our other online learning tools.  If you, or they, are having a hard time navigating their learning plan, please reach out to Liz and Ibrahin so we can help.

Thanks, as always for helping your students through this time.  Their independence and resilience is evident and inspirational.

English: Look on Google Classroom for specific, daily assignments.  Remember and reading are two activities your student can do if they’re ever at a loss for work.  The spelling list words are up-to date on the Spelling page.

Math:  4th graders are clipping along with their fraction concepts and 5th graders are discovering many ways to read equations and write large numbers.  Who remembers “PEMDAS”, the order of operations?  The 5th grade may be able to reteach it to you after this unit!  Students are interacting well in our small group times for math and remember they can visit Liz during her office hours if there are any concepts they feel unsure about after seeing the Flipgrid video lessons and journal pages.