Parent Teacher conferences are coming up (May 1-May 15).  Liz and Ibrahin will be contacting their respective homeroom parents to sign up for a meeting via 3CX video conference.  We look forward to talking with you.

In Math, students are wrapping up the unit.  Next week they will take the Unit 7 test.  Please continue to practice basic multiplication/division facts and play math games (links in google classroom) with your students to maintain and develop their automaticity with them.

This week in English, one of the assignments was to submit 19 words of hope.  This was inspired by the Hope 19 project.  Most students are keeping up with their assignments in Google Classroom.  Have them check back though for any they forgot to do so Liz can have a complete snapshot to share with parents during upcoming conferences.

In Spanish we were practicing the use of articles in Spanish (determinados e indeterminados). It is gratifying to see how the children demonstrated to understand this lesson despite the fact that this is one of the most difficult grammatical aspects to learn in Spanish for native English speakers since there is no equivalent to this grammatical rule in this language. Articles are used to differentiate gender (masculine and feminine) and the number (plural or singular) of nouns in Spanish.

In PYP we have started a new unit of inquiry whose central idea is, The media may influence how we express our values, beliefs, and actions. Some of you will be interviewed by your children about some events that impacted the world in your childhood. The idea of ​​these interviews is to introduce them to this interesting unit of inquiry that would help them understand the impact that the mass media has on people.

Every year, as is tradition and a requirement of our International Baccalaureate program, our 5th grade students carry out an Exhibition project in which they demonstrate all the skills acquired during their years in the PYP program. This year will be no exception.   Despite the drawbacks of distance learning, the PYP team has worked hard to put in place a program to lead our 5th graders in this fascinating project and this week we introduced this project to the kids.