English:  Last week, your English students submitted (if they chose to)  19 words of hope for the Hope-19 project.  You can see a compilation of a community-wide thoughts on what gives them hope in these strange times.    Students this week had fun studying about and making sundials.  I hope the sun sticks around and your student can use them for a while.  Also, to collaborate with the current unit on How We Express Ourselves, students explored subtle advertising techniques and how to make their own persuasive ad.

Math:  Students took their first “remote” unit math test on Unit 7.  It really behooves them to keep up with the math journal and come to their weekly small group video meetings as many of these concepts are repeated in the test.

In Spanish we were practicing article usage, determinados and indeterminados. Additionally, we explored the correct way to tell the time and date in Spanish. These are little details that seem simple but that make the difference between those that sound like beginners or advanced in Spanish.

In PYP our 5th graders have stepped up their exhibition projects, setting their goals based on the ATLs (IB skills). They also made their own research questions and began to find answers through  research led by their teachers and mentors.

The 4th grade students along with their fifth grade classmates learned the concepts of values ​​and beliefs and began to identify them in their lives and in the lives of others. We used a visible thinking routine called What makes you say that? Visible thinking routines are part of a program called Project Zero designed by Harvard University that seeks to understand and enhance learning, thinking and creativity for individuals and groups of students. This routine called What make you say that? tries mainly to develop in students the ability to justify their answers. For this routine we used a fun online tool called Padlet. Remember to ask your child about this experience.

Parent Teacher Conferences:  We’re in the middle of our two week window for parent teacher conferences.  If you haven’t done so already, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to set up a meeting.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to connect with your child’s teacher and express some feedback about how this remote learning is going for your child.