In Spanish, the children are writing captivating fictional stories as well as learning how to use reflexive verbs, which is another very important grammatical aspect in Spanish.

In the Unit of Inquiry, they began to develop the first line of research for this unit; how we determine our own values and beliefs. They learned the difference between values, beliefs, and attitudes and how these reflect the beliefs and values that a person has. Our excellent exhibition group has already taken a step forward in their exhibition work. They asked questions that guided their research and began to research and summarize their findings.

English:  This week is the final week for Spelling lists.  Students will have one final spelling assignment to edit the paragraph post in Google classroom assigned on 5/13.  They have done a fabulous job learning their Spelling lists this year.

Math:  Unit 8 has begun.  Fourth graders delved into perimeter and area and 5th graders are doing new things with fractions and mixed numbers.

We have enjoyed meeting with you for parent teacher conferences to hear your feedback on your student’s experiences and provide a window into how their Spring semester has been.  Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.

Here is the schedule for the end of the year for your 4/5 grader.

  • 3CX Morning Meetings end Friday, June 5
  • 3CX Remote Small Learning groups (Math, PYP, Spanish) end Friday, May 29
  • Week of June 1 morning meetings each day and then teacher guided offscreen hands-on activities assigned
  • Specialists classes end May 28
  • Last Day of School and End of Year Celebrations: Friday, June 5 – Final class meetings and appreciations and online video End of Year Program for all.