Below you’ll find our 2018-2019 (Cycle A) Program of Inquiry.

Unit 1


Central Idea

Life events may influence the development of humans.

Key concepts: change, perspective, reflection

Related concepts: chronology, discovery, history

Subject Area Focus: Language, PSPE

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • The different stages of life
  • How we reflect on our life changing events
  • How goal setting and decision making influence our future
  • How life changing events shape our perspectives


Unit 2


Central Idea

Democratic governance requires active participation by citizens and elected officials.

Key concepts: form, function, responsibility  

Related concepts: rights, citizenship, justice

Subject Area Focus: Social Studies

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • U.S. history  and the formation of our government
  • The three branches of government
  • Our rights and responsibilities as citizens


Unit 3

Sharing the PLanet

Central Idea

Our energy and consumption choices affect climate stability.

Key concepts: responsibility, change,  causation

Related concepts: forces, energy

Subject Area Focus: Science, Social Studies

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • Understanding global climate drivers through our atmosphere and oceans
  • Exploring the effects of climate change
  • Creating innovations of change in order to maintain stability in global climate


Unit 4

Where we are in Place and time

Central Idea

The stories of heroes, both real and imaginary inspire us to help others.

Key concepts: perspective, causation, connection

Related concepts: character, image, justice

Subject Area Focus: Language, Social Studies

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • Why societies are fascinated with heroes
  • How the history, actions and culture of real-life heroes inspire us
  • How we can discover the hero inside all of us


Unit 5


Central Idea  (4th Grade)

The laws of science may deepen our understanding of the natural world.

Key concepts: form, causation, connection

Related concepts: gravity systems (solar), theory of origin, laws of science.

Subject Area Focus: Science (Earth and Space), Language

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • The structure of our solar system
  • How gravity affects the earth, sun, Moon an dits relationships
  • How the laws of motion help explain seasons


Central Idea:  People communicate their culture, beliefs and values through creative expression.

Key concepts:  responsibility, form, connection

Related concepts: properties, relationships, initiative, values

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • What constitutes culture, a belief and a value
  • Similarities and differences on how people express their culture, values and beliefs around the world.
  • Appreciation and reflection of our own cultures and influences of others.