In English this year, there are several different spelling groups: Lodgepole Pine, Western Larch, and Ponderosa Pine.  Students are put into groups according to their individual spelling needs.  If you feel like your child’s spelling list is not appropriate for them, please contact Liz ([email protected]) and we will discuss adjusting their list.  Groupings will be adjusted continuously throughout the year.  In addition to the words listed here on the blog, students also receive a hard copy of their spelling list every Wednesday in their homework folders.

Each Wednesday, attached to their spelling list, your student will receive ways in which to practice their words.   This written practice work is due on the following Wednesday, unless otherwise specified.

This week’s list practice is due October 16th, and students will be tested on it October 16th.

Lodgepole Pine

  1. ring
  2. rang
  3. rung
  4. string
  5. strong
  6. long
  7. spring
  8. thing
  9. finger
  10. wink
  11. drink
  12. blink
  13. think
  14. thank
  15. bunk

Western Larch

  1. county
  2. country
  3. bought
  4. brought
  5. fought
  6. thought
  7. ought
  8. cough
  9. rough
  10. tough
  11. enough
  12. double
  13. trouble
  14. dough
  15. though

Ponderosa Pine

  1. strong
  2. strength
  3. long
  4. length
  5. wide
  6. width
  7. deep
  8. depth
  9. true
  10. truth
  11. laugh
  12. laughter
  13. speak
  14. speech
  15. speaker